Policies and Procedures


Homework is an important part of learning and reinforcing the usage of skills acquired during class time. Homework will be given every Friday, with the expectation that it will be returned, completed on Monday. Please take time to sit with your child and complete the homework worksheets over the weekend. It is crucial that children learn the importance of completing homework beginning at a young age so as to incur a good habit of completing homework on time in later years of school.
A child's attendance is vital to their learning and growth process in Preschool. Please bring your child on time between 8:30-8:45. This will allow time for your child to settle down before the start of the group time. Children who come after 9:00 am, will be marked tardy. All children must be picked-up by 12:00 for half day program and 3:30 for full day program unless they are enrolled for aftercare. There is a fine for late pick-ups, as per school policy.
Tardiness is problem when, for example, a child arrives 30 or 60 minutes after the group activities have begun. The child misses out on the activities designed to build connections to other children and transition into the classroom. In addition, the late arrival can disrupt the flow of the classroom activities for other children. Please ensure your child is on time to class every morning.
Appropriate behavior is crucial in maintaining a safe, learning environment for all children. Children must adhere to the rules established by the teachers. In light of common behaviors amongst preschoolers such as hitting, biting, and pushing, a traffic light system is enforced  in the preschool class. This system allows for prevention and control of any negative behavior. All the children will start at the green light daily. They will move from green to yellow to red according to their negative behavior.If you see that your child is not on green at the end of the day, please talk to your child regarding this. In addition to the traffic light system, I'll be using the time with/time out system for any disruptive children. In such instance a child will sit on the sad chair, and the teacher will talk to the child one on one concerning their behavior. We want all the children to learn and play  in a safe environment. 

Meeting with the Teacher
Communication between parents and teachers is important to the success of your child in preschool. If you need to talk to me, please schedule an appointment so as to have the appropriate time to meet.
Read to Succeed
Reading is perhaps one of the most significant keys to a child's education. Reading reinforces excellent vocabulary and language skills in children. Please make it a habit to visit your local library with your child routinely in order that your child may develop a love for reading . Libraries have book clubs set up throughout the year and offer various incentives for children who participate. Librarians can help you and your child select age appropriate books that your child will love to read.

Sick Children Policy
It is very important to keep our environment safe and healthy for all the children.  Please keep your children at home if they are sick with contagious ailments.  These include fever, vomiting, severe cough, breathing problems, upset stomachs, strep-throat, chicken pox, etc.  Also please make arrangements to pick up your child immediately if he/she becomes ill during school.  This is for the safety of other children, staff, and the comfort of your child. Please do not return the child to the preschool until your doctor advises you that it is safe to do so.