Policies and Procedures

It is very important to come to school everyday. Missing days will result in falling behind on assignments and in class projects. Students should be in school at 8:30 to start our day with a short assembly remembering Allah and reciting surahs. Thank you! 
Our school day begins promptly at 8:30 am in the gym. Tardiness disturbs classroom routines and hinders your child’s progress and students feel embarrassed if they have to walk into a class already in progress. Students who consistently come in late will not be able to make up work that is missed due to unexcused tardiness.  There is a fine after the third tardy and will need to be paid along with tuition.
Students have homework Monday through Thursday. The homework assignments will be daily. Students will have their own homework folder to take home and bring back to turn in their daily assignments. 
Reading at Home
Students should read daily in addition to their homework for at least 15 to 20 minutes. I will have a reading log for students to mark down what books they read. 
Dress Code
Students must be in a clean school uniform daily. Girls must have a scarf or hijab to use during salat.

When it is your child's birthday, there is no food allowed to bring in such as cake, cupcakes, etc. Your child may bring in goodie bags to pass out to the classmates at the end of the day.