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Language Arts
Weekly Theme: Our Families
Phonics:  Segment and blend words with short i (-i-e as in kite, mike etc.)
Sight Words and Spelling Words:like, spike, ride, hide, blike, mine, call, there, how, so, more, funny
Structural Analysis: double the consonants when adding -ed and -ing to words ending with one vowel and a consonant ( top - topping, topped,  bat-  batting, batted)
Vocabulary Words: member, share, concerned, fortunate, trust
Literature and Read AloudThe Stray Dog, A Taste of Salt, A Funny Dog for Ike, All Kinds of Families,  Aunt MInnie and the Twister, Smile Mike!  Family fun.  This week's reading strategy is to generate questions as we read and also to continue making predictions.  

Guided ReadingJob Time for the Pines, My Little Brother, My Loose Tooth,  Magic Tree House(B group)
Grammar: Understand the present tense verbs "is" and "are"  
Writing:  Book Report on African American Heroes. Write about “If I were a President”


Introduce addition subtraction fact families.

explore the fact triangles.

Introduce the centimeter as a unit of measure in the metric system.

develop readiness for fractions

Social Studies

Learn about Black History Month by studying various African American Heroes.

Learn Jobs of the President and what makes a good leader.

Understand why we celebrate President's Day.

Centers:  Practice spelling words on spellingcity.com

Practice math facts on math magician

Complete LA practice book pages  

Word Bingo with spelling words

Ladder pages