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Language Arts
Weekly Theme: Watch It Go
Phonics: Segment and blend long i words with "i, y, igh".
Sight Words and Spelling words:  find, kind, night, right, by, my, shout, ball, head, should, never
Structural Analysis: adding inflectional ending -er and -est to words 
Vocabulary Words:  laughter, meadow, perhaps, ascend, drift, approach, quarrel, view
 Literature and Read  Aloud: Pecos Bill and Slue-Foot Sue, The Kite: Days with Frog and Toad, Toys That Fly, Turtle's Race with Beaver.  
Comprehension skills and strategies.  We will learn to recognize the problem and the solution in a story.  
Guided Reading: Flying High, The Gift, Zoom!
Grammar: Identify adjectives that compare:  eg, tall, taller, tallest
Writing: Write planet reports 
Reinforce naming fractional parts of regions
finding fractional parts of collections.
Practice making change by counting up.
Unit 8 test in Math


Make paper mache planets
Watch "Magic School Bus in Space" movie.
Experiment:  How does a penny change color:  How is this similar to Statue of liberty turning green from its original copper color.

Practice spelling words on spellingcity.com
Practice math facts on math magician
Complete LA practice book pages
addition and subtraction bingo
Ladder pages
Divide water with various size  cups to explore sharing a quantity equally