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Language Arts
Weekly Theme: Inventions
Phonics: Segment and blend long i words with "r controlled a ( -ar) as in start, car
Sight Words and Spelling words:  cart, art, barn, yarn, arm, harm, better, children, or, round
Structural Analysis: Read abbreviations Mr. Mrs. and Dr.
Vocabulary Words:  ingenuity, determination, simple, benefit, thrilled
 Literature and Read  Aloud: The Inventions that changed our world, Kid's Inventions, The Sound of Music, Alexander Graham Bell 
Comprehension skills and strategies.   generate questions as we read a selection and identify cause and effect.
Guided Reading: Carly in the Dark, The First Airplane, A Camera to Hold
Grammar: Understand that color words are adjectives
Writing: Write about "My Invention" and how it will help others.
To guide exploration of the relationship between multiples and fractions
To provide opportunities to develop proficiency in adding and subtracting 10s using number grid.
Solve word problems involving making change
Math Test

Continue with the Penny Experiment
Learn what is matter and what are its properties.
Study properties of solids, 

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