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Language Arts

Weekly Theme: Favorite Stories
Phonics: Segment and blend long e words with "-y" ending.

Sight Words and Spelling Words: bumpy, penny, puppy, sandy, funny, bunny, before, happen, began, told, heard, falls

Structural Analysis: adding the inflectional ending -es to the words ending with -y: puppy> puppies

Vocabulary Words:  predicament, solution, dare, humble, permit

 Literature and Read Aloud: Timimoto, Little Rabbit, The Gingerbread Man, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Henny Penny

Comprehension skills and strategies.  To Analyze Plot(beginning, middle, end and the problem in the story), and Summarize

Guided ReadingThe Lion and the Mouse, The Ant and the Dove

Grammar:  Contractions with not

Writing:  Understand the importance of story ideas and word choices and write a story about what might happen next in "Little Rabbit"



Identify spheres, cylinders, and rectangular prisms, pyramids, cones and cubes.

explore symmetrical shapes

Unit 7 test


Classify objects in the sky during day and night.

Explain Why the Sun is important for life on Earth.

Recognize Earth's movements by observing shadows and seasons.


Practice spelling words on spellingcity.com

Practice math facts on math magician

Complete LA practice book pages

Word Bingo with spelling words

Addition top it