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Weekly Theme: Express Yourself
Phonics: Segment and blend long o words with "-oa-, -ow, o".

Sight Words and Spelling words:  always, mother, father, try, love, row, low, boat, coat, no, go

Structural Analysis: adding the inflectional ending -y (show- showy, fuss- fussy)

Vocabulary Words:  creative, talent, marvelous original, shrewd

 Literature and Read  Aloud: Olivia, Hilda Must Be Dancing, 

Comprehension skills and strategies.  visualize and differentiate between reality and fantasy.

Guided ReadingThe Painting, Choo! Choo!, Be Bold and Show It

Grammar: Identify adjectives

Writing:.  Write a short report on each planet, Sun, Moon and the stars.


reinforce skills associated with counting and exchanging coins.  

Introduce dollars and facilitate the use of money to explore place value.  

Extend place-value concepts to hundreds.

Practice solving number stories that involve addition and subtraction.  

Develop the use of counting up as a strategy for making change.  


Learn about the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle and how it is effecting the trees in Schaumburg.

Observe what the Moon looks like from Earth.  

Learn the phases of the Moon.

Explain that the eight planets, including Earth, move around the Sun.

Make paper mache planets.