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Language Arts
Weekly Theme: Birds
Phonics: Segment and blend words with long o
Sight Words and Spelling Words:  joke, woke nose, hose, note, vote ,every, any, saw, opened, soon
Structural Analysis:  Read and build words with inflectional ending -er and -est. 
Vocabulary Words: group, behavior, soar, plead, vivid
 Literature and Read AloudThe Alligator and the Eagle, Pelican Was Hungry, The Rooster and the Fox, Trapped by Ice. As we read the literature, we will learn to make inferences.
Guided Reading: Mole Bakes at HOme, So Many Penguins, Amazing Birds, Magic Tree House( with Beyond Group)
Grammar:  Understand that was and were talk about the past 
Writing:  Create fictional stories of a snowman.

practice finding missing input number in "What's My Rule"?
Learn about the Quarter.  Find values of collections of quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies
Identify the number of minutes around the face of an analog clock and introduce digital time.

Learn what is pollution and what causes it. 
Learn about water, air and soil pollution and how it effects us.
Discover alternative forms of energy like wind power, solar power and hydrolic power.
How we can save natural resources.

Dr. Suess Week!
This week many Dr. Sues books will be read with a focus on Bortholomew and the Oobleck, To Think I Saw it On Mulberry Street, The Tooth Book, and The Lorax.
We will watch The Lorax movie and connect it to our science lesson of saving natural resources.