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Language Arts

Weekly Theme- What Scientists Do

Phonics: Segment and blend long e words with ee and ea

Sight Words and Spelling Words: me, we, feed, keep, seat, beak, friends, knew, kind, house, friends, far, by

Structural Analysis: understand the CVVC pattern (Consonant, vowel, vowel, consonant).

Vocabulary Words:  investigate, curious, carreer, fascinationg, improve

 Literature and Read Aloud: What Scientists Do, Meet Ben Franklin, A Close Look, What Kind of Scientist Are You, Archeologists Dig For Clues

Comprehension skills and strategies. Make inferences and Summarize

Guided ReadingFeel the Heat, Meet Mae Jemison, Sylvia Earle, Mr. Bell and the Telephone

Grammar:  Understand when to use see and saw

Writing:  Report on inventions of Ben Franklin and other Scientists



To make Attribute-Block designs.

Facilitate learning of math facts

Guide Indentification of Plane shapes and investigate their characteristics

To extend childre's familiarity with polygons.

To guide the identification of shperes, cylindrs, and rectangular prisms.

To guide the identification of pyramids, cones, and cubes.

Social Studies

Understand the difference between a need and a want.  

Understand what work is and the different kinds of work people do.

Understand that goods are made bought and traded.


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