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Language Arts
Weekly Theme: What's the Weather?
Phonics: Segment and blend long a words with "-ai-" and "-ay" pattern.

Sight Words and Spelling Words: mail, rain, chain, way, play, day great, know, their, warm, sound, cold

Structural Analysis: Read and build compound words

Vocabulary Words:   conditions, forecast, breeze, commotion, tranquil

 Literature and Read Aloud:  Brer Rabbit and the Hurricane, Stormy Weather, The Power of Weather, Showers Dangerous Storms

Comprehension skills and strategies.  As we read the above literature, we will practice" rereading" so we can "compare and contrast" various topics in our reading selections

Guided ReadingWhat will the Weather Be?, Let It Snow, Too Much Rain Today

Grammar:  Use the present and past tense forms of go and do.

Writing:  Write a report about  a type of weather we have experienced.  We will practice more with organizing a writing piece with the main idea and details to support the main idea.  



Practice explaining the strategies in solving math problems

Understand Polygons

Identify spheres, cylinders, and rectangular prisms, pyramids, cones and cubes.

Social Studies

Understand what is money and how it is used.

Learn what are needs and wants and how money helps in obtaining them.


Set up the experiment to study how organic matter can be turned into compost.


Practice spelling words on spellingcity.com

Practice math facts on math magician

Complete LA practice book pages

Word Bingo with spelling words
Ladder pages

Word sort - short a, long a (cvce) and long a (ai, ay)