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Language Arts

Phonics: Segment and blend words with long u

Sight Words and Spelling Words: use, june, tune, flute, cute, mule, done, after, work, old, find, new

Structural Analysis:  Read and build words with inflectional ending -er and -est. 

Vocabulary Words:   terrific, creation, recycle, waste, inspire, resourceful, structure

 Literature and Read Aloud:  A Bottle Village, Old Stuff New Stuff, June Robot Cleans Up, What Is Made From Recycled Material, A Bottle Takes a Trip, Joseph Had a LIttle Overcoat.

Guided ReadingTrash Rules, Paper and Trees, Recycling Glass

Grammar:  Understand when to use has and have

Writing:  Persuasive writing about why to recycle- plan, edit, rough draft, final draft



Identify the number of minutes around the face of an analog clock and introduce digital time.

Introduce the statistical landmarks "range" and "middle value(median)"

Provide practice collecting data and making bar graphs.  

Unit Test


Explore ways of saving our natural resources.

Learn how organic matter can turned into compost

 Social Studies

Understand what work is and the different kinds of work people do.

Understand that goods are made, bought and traded.

Centers: Practice spelling words on spellingcity.com

Practice math facts on math magician

Complete LA practice book pages

Word Bingo with spelling words
Ladder pages

quarter, nickel, dime, penny exchange

Digital and analog time match