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Phonics: Segment and blend words with triple consonants str-, spl-, scr-
Sight Words and Spelling Words: strike, splash, string, split, scrap, scrub, give, say, says, about, read, were
Structural Analysis:read and form contractions with will, am and have (I've, I'll)
Vocabulary Words: connection, support, possessions, relief, typical
Literature and Read Aloud: When I am Old With You, Now Things Are Worse, Gram and Me, Daddy Played Music for the Cows. This week's reading strategy is to practice recognizing the setting and the characters and to generate questions as we read.

Guided Reading:Talking With Grandpa, A Special Trip, A Trip Last Spring, What I Like About Spring
Grammar: Ientify contractions with not and to learn to use the apostrophes in contractions correctly
Writing: We will prewrite, edit and create a final draft about something we do with an older relative.


explore the fact triangles.

Introduce the centimeter as a unit of measure in the metric system.

develop readiness for fractions


Learn ways to save natural resources.

Hands on activity to experience how plant based natural resources can be used to make dyes.

Social Studies

Learn and write about Muslim African American Heroes.

Centers: Practice spelling words on spellingcity.com

Practice math facts on math magic

Complete LA practice book pages

Word Bingo with spelling words

Ladder pages

Dice roll addition