About Me

Dear Parents,

Assalamu Alaikum,

I, Mrs. Ahmed, will be your child's teacher this year.  

I would like to tell you a bit about my background.  I   completed my bachelor's degree from Northern Illinois University in Elementary Education.  I am certified to teach grades K-9 in Illinois.  I have a middle school endorsement in Social Science.  I am a proud parent as well.  This is my tenth year teaching at Al-Huda Academy.

Sixth grade is an exciting time as students are blossoming into young adults.  They are moving towards independence and building their own identities.  
I believe individualized attention is a key to student success and that is what my focus will be through out the school year. I do understand that every child learns differently and I use different styles of teaching that will ensure success in student learning. Children learn best through hands-on activities and opportunities that will promote them to think and explore. It will be my effort to provide such stimulating experiences to enhance their education and foster a love for learning in my students. Along with academics, I would like to give specific attention to my students' social emotional development by cultivating character of sharing, respect and responsibility in them.
The saying, "It takes a village to raise a child is definitely true in my experience.  As parents, you have a responsibility to be involved in their education to ensure a successful and enjoyable second grade experience.  Your cooperation and commitment towards your child is is a must.  You will need to consistently provide support to your child by following these guidelines:

  •     Help them prepare for school and be on time
  •     Guide them with homework assignments and projects
  •     Make sure their behavior at school and home is consistent
  •     Review knowledge and skills learned at school
  •     Be positive and encouraging    

My goal is to create a nurturing and engaging environment that promotes a sense of community and collaboration .  I want to foster a love of learning and curiosity that will grow with them.  I will integrate the word of Allah and the teachings of the Prophet into the curriculum so students can make the connections between their deen and the creation of Allah.  I will do this by sharing ayahs and hadith related to the various concepts learned in the classroom.  I will also incorporate  Islamic manners during the day as well as during assembly time to help mold the character and develop proper etiquette using the examples of our  beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Best Regards,

Mrs. Ahmed