About Me

My belief as an educator is that I must enable students to become independent learners. I work continuously, to instill the skills needed for students to engage in active learning. This requires that students are ready to learn and see the importance of learning.  It also becomes necessary for the teacher to teach the skills needed, not just information. Furthermore, students must be ready and encouraged to be life-long learners. This is imperative considering the rapid pace at which technology and other factors are changing our lives. 
I want the students to become deeply grounded in Islamic values. We try to incorporate the Sunnah of Rasulallah SAW in our daily activities. Just as importantly, for a well-rounded Muslim, is to know the correct manners and etiquette of behavior. Islam is after all, a way of life.

Parents can help by reinforcing the importance of Education and the need for knowledge. In school, students need to bring a serious attitude to learning. This means respect for all the teachers/staff, and a sense of accountability. At the same time, students need someone to check they have done the work and packed it in the bag for school. Parents, students and teachers are all part of the puzzle, and, when the pieces are put together in the right way, we complete the picture. 

I ask Allah SWT to help our students become the strong, educated, knowledgeable, practicing Muslims and valuable citizens of the future.